Creating a striking impression for your message.

Our Freestanding SL Series Displays are proven to be real attention grabbers and stand out in a busy commercial environment providing businesses a fresh approach to digital signage… an ‘Out of the Box, Fully Inclusive’ approach which enables businesses to control and manage costs and deployment in a more effective way.

With no installation required you simply need to plug in the display and you will be up and running with your message displayed in an attention grabbing way!

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Typical Digital Signage Solution

The TOPAZ SL All Inclusive Solution


Feature packed these displays ensure as well as looking great you have the technical power to deliver enterprise class digital signage.


In a busy world getting your message noticed can be hard, but our displays are designed to look like giant tablets creating an instant WOW factor and drawing attention to your message.


Unlike a TV all of our displays are commercial grade and designed for 24/7 operation, like any task it is important you have the right tools for the job and digital signage is no exception.


Our Enterprise grade content management system is included with the purchase of your display & with no recurring costs you don’t need to worry about any bills. The system is easy to use and designed to manage screens from anywhere in the world.


With built in Wi-Fi all you need is to add power and then you will be online and managing your network within minutes, no messy cables needed just connect and your network is live.

TOPAZ Content Management System (CMS)

  • Manage your content through our cloud based content management system from anywhere in the world.
  • User control enables you to manage your users and control who in your organisation has access to update specific areas.
  • Clients are issued with a username and password for our secure web portal, where they can upload their content at the click of a button which is stored on our secure server.
  • Utilize zoned templates to present your videos, images, scrolling text messages, web pages and live RSS feeds.
  • Create multiple playlists to determine exactly when the relevant content is displayed.
  • Update your screens individually or in groups, manually or automatically depending on your requirements.
Launch CMS

Create custom layouts –

Choose from one of the pre-designed templates or create your own layouts using zones such as video, images, text, web pages, weather and more!

This allows you to deliver targeted content and display your messages exactly how you want to!

Populate your layout –

Upload your images and videos and simply drag and drop into your created zones to create your playlist!

Text zones can also be populated through linking to external RSS feeds or custom messaging – ensuring your messages are targeted as well as informative!

Update your screens from anywhere –

Content can be uploaded and managed from anywhere in the world via our secure web portal. Simply log in, upload your images and videos to our secure server and send them directly to your screens.