When choosing which type of display is best for you, there are different solutions that LED displays that has a wider advantage than using traditional digital signage. LED Displays can be custom built to be any size or shape, whilst not compromising the image quality. With a seamless, slim, lightweight design LED displays are easy to install and can installed in the narrow spaces. The ultra-high contrast and unbelievable colours, along with the high brightness means that LED displays are perfect for any environment. The long life span of 100,000 hours means the LEDs will last with very little maintenance, meaning your advertising message will not be compromised.

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Pixel Pitch refers to the distance between each LED. This means that for a P7 LED Wall, there would be 7mm between each LED and will make the optimum viewing distance 7 metres away. This is something to consider when deciding what viewing distance, you want your LED Wall to be viewed from. Typically, for an indoor LED Wall it will have a lower P-value as it will be viewed at a closer distance and for an outdoor videowall it will have a much higher P-value as it will be viewed from a further distance.


LEDs are the most sturdy and dependable display technologies available, but just like any other technology it will need to be maintained for the best performance. LEDs have an exceptionally low failure rate and the event of a failure the LED modules can be easily replaced without the need to replace the full display.

The level of maintenance can be lessened during the design process, such as proper ventilation. Our team will help guide the way for the best design that will maximise the aesthetic without compromising the protection of the display.


LED is extremely energy efficient for display technology. The amount of power used by the LED is all depends on the brightness and the usage.

LEDs work by turning off and odd and adjusting the brightness of coloured diodes to get the content on the display. An image shown with a mostly black background will have better energy efficient than a mostly white background, because to get the black colour the LEDs will turn off.