Advertising your brand in a large scale store can be difficult, however TOPAZ Digital have manufactured ways to make your brand stand out from all the all the rest. TOPAZ Digital have been manufacturing retail solutions for over 15 years, working with market leaders from around the world.
Being a manufacturer, TOPAZ are able to deliver exactly what you need – whether solutions from our standard display range or for a bespoke project. Our experience has included manufacturing narrow displays in order to fit on the end of a slot bank, developing custom progressive jackpot software, and even the fabrication and assembly of hosting stands!
Check out below the products we recommended for casino environments, and contact us for any advice on your project.

Recommended Retail Solutions

Stretch Display

Our stretch displays have been a great success as shelf toppers. The light weight, slim design are perfect for sitting on top of a shelf and drawing customers focus to your brand. We recommend the Stretch display for shelf toppers but they can also be used in a portrait orientation at the shelf borders.

Slimline Double-sided Display

The stylish Freestanding Double-sided display is perfect for subtle touch for a retail environment. The minimalist look and golden brushed frame create a modern day, luxury look that can grab attention of your customers. The double-side feature can be utilised to show different messages on either sided, which could utilised for window displays showing a message for outdoor customers and indoor customers.

Shelf Edge Display

The Shelf Edge display works brilliantly with the stretch display, whilst the stretch display can advertise your core message the shelf displays can be used for the final touches. The shelf display can be used to display advertising messages or utilise the touch screen to show any important product information.

Freestanding ASL Display

Our Freestanding ASL range is perfect for retail where wall space is limited. Mirroring our wall mounted displays, the slimline, tablet-like design draws attention to your message in a stylish manner, and is completely freestanding, so can be moved anywhere on the retail floor. Available in 50″ and 55″,  black and white as standard, we can also accommodate to fit your branding.

ASL Displays

Our ASL range has been a great over the years for retail customers. The slimline, tablet-like design draws attention to your message in a stylish manner, whilst the tempered glass front provides protection for the LCD in high footfall areas. The standard size we recommend for end-caps is 43″ but we can work with you to make other sizes work.

High Bright Display

If you are advertising your message to customers outside your store, the TOPAZ High Bright Displays are perfect for window displays. The 3500 cd/m means that your advertising message can be seen on the brightest of days. The displays can be mounted both landscape and portrait, which means the displays can fit in any window display.

VLS Displays

Our VLS range is perfect advertising your brand, but on a budget. The sleek, light weight design makes your brand stand out. With functions similar to our ASL range the VSL can show off your brand to high standard.

Double-sided Hanging Display

Are new Hanging Double-sided Display is perfect for all window displays, with a high bright display for advertising to your outdoor customers and a second display to advertise to your indoor customers. You can take full advantage of getting your messages across to everyone.

Retail Install Images