The ideal solution for any business looking for a low cost and quick to deploy touch solution to work with our TOPAZ Digital Signage. Our Out-the-Box Software is a completely secure web based portal, with your individual log ins the software enables you to manage your content through our cloud based content management system from anywhere in the world. Create specific users who can control the content on your displays.

Utilize templates to present your videos, images, messages, web pages and RSS Feeds. The option to create multiple playlists to determine exactly when the relevant content is displayed. Set different start and expiry dates for specific playlists for complete automation. Update your screens individually or in groups, manually or automatically depending on your requirements.

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Our plug in and play media player, is the perfect option for business that want to turn their already existing digital display into digital signage. The plug in and play media player requires a HDMI connection, and with the in-built TOPAZ Software simply load your video or image content to a USB stick and plug straight into the media player.

This is the ideal solution for displays that don’t need to change content regularly and if the signage is in a space that cannot get WIFI easily.

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