Human Body Temperature SFV – FAQs

Below are a series of FAQ to help you quickly answer common questions. Should your question not appear here please contact technical support for further help.


How do I connect my SFV to the Management Platform?

Once you have registered your units, you will receive an email with your server details. Enter the server details on the SFV (please see Page 5 on the Hardware User Manual)

What is the best web browser to use for the Management Platform?

The Management Platform is optimized to work with a wide variety of browsers [as detailed below] but the advantage of the cloud based network is that, as well as managing and updating your content from a desktop computer, you can also log in to review your system from any of your mobile devices such as your tablet, IPAD or Cell Phone [Note screen layout may appear different to when used on a PC].

Google Chrome (recommended)
There should be no problems with using the latest version of Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox
There should be no problems with using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer
You can also use Internet Explorer which if you have downloaded, or updated, recently will be Internet Explorer 10. To check which version of Internet Explorer you are running click the “Cog” icon to access the “Tools” dropdown menu (or hold Alt + X). Then click “About Internet Explorer”. If you are using Internet Explorer 9 you can proceed to Login to the system and everything should function normally. If you are using Internet Explorer 10 then please CLICK HERE to find out how to turn on Compatibility Mode.

Can I use the SFV Temperature Reader as stand alone units (not connected to the cloud Management Platform?)

Yes – simply do not connect your device to the internet or do not enter the server details into the unit. The SFVs can then be used independently and all details will be saved to the internal storage on the devices.

Can I change the 'High Temperature' threshold?

Yes, the limit for what is classed as a high temperature can be changed to whatever you require.

How accurate is the facial recognition system?

The facial recognition system has 99.7% identification accuracy, and the identification security levels can be adjusted to be higher or lower.

Can I integrate this into my existing entrance/ticketing system?

Yes, using the connection interface, this solution can be integrated with existing door or ticketing systems. Using the software included, you can add entry conditions such as an acceptable temperature range, mask checking and specific user entry or restrictions.

How will I know when someone has a high temperature?

When a high temperature is detected, the unit will show that access has been denied. For additional alerts, an alarm can be turned on to sound and email notifications can also be set up.

Can the unit detect if someone is wearing a mask?

Yes, mask detection can be enabled so that entry is not permitted unless a mask is being worn. The facial recognition system can also identify a staff member even if they are wearing a mask.

I need technical support, who do I contact?

If you require any support regarding your TOPAZ Product, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team:

Telephone Support
8:00am to 4:00pm (MST)
Monday – Friday (except Canada/Alberta holidays)

Email Support
8:00am to 4:00pm (MST)
Monday – Friday (except Canada/Alberta holidays)


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