Android SL Wall Mounted

Android SL Freestanding

VLS Wall Mounted

High Bright VLS


PCAP Wall Mounted Touch

PCAP Freestanding Touch


Networked Outdoor Wall Mounted

Varied Sizes

From 32” through 55”

With a wide range of sizes available from 32” thru 55” Freestanding you are able to deploy one consistent solution throughout your estate with the flexibility of deploying different screen sizes in different locations all centrally powered and controlled by one user friendly & intuitive platform, the TOPAZ CMS. Fully combinable with our core SL range enabling you to add smaller format displays to your network all controlled through the TOPAZ CMS platform.


Manage your content from anywhere in the world

Manage your content through our cloud based content management system from anywhere in the world and update your screens individually or in groups, manually or automatically depending on your requirements.

Content Creation

Delivering visually immersive graphics

We believe our displays look great but ultimately what matters most is what content is displayed on them! We are committed to be a solutions driven manufacturer and deliver an end to end solution for our partners & their customers.

Android SL Series

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Our Freestanding Android SL Displays are proven to be real attention grabbers and stand out in a busy commercial environment, with the increased Android functionality you can WOW your audience in even more ways than before.

One of our most popular sizes incorporating all the power and functionality in a small but impactful size – the perfect mix with our larger format screens.

One of our most popular models offering the perfect screen size for many applications full of power, functionality with everything built in!

A really popular large format size these displays will capture your audience and put your message front and center.

Create a statement when size matters our largest screen offering maximum impact in a sleek and elegant design.

Product Overview – Android SL Series

What makes the TOPAZ SL Series different?

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