TOPAZ CMS Update – Rapid Publish

4th July 2016

Updating your content has never been so quick and easy!

Here at TOPAZ Digital we are always looking at ways to make our CMS Software more intuitive and our latest feature allows you to update your screens faster than ever before. With the all-new ‘Rapid Publish’ function you can now publish content from your computer to your displays in seconds!

Just log into your CMS account and click on the Rapid Publish icon at the top of the screen and the on-screen instructions make it the easiest publishing process around. Select your Template, Add your Content and Publish – it really is that simple!

This feature will be going live from the 4th July 2016 and will be automatically added to your account but if you would like any further information on this please reply to this email or contact

Step 1 – Choose Your Template

Step 2 – Create Your Playlist

Step 3 – Publish!