Benefits for Corporate Communications

  • Digital signage is a powerful tool to help you communicate, both internally to employees and also to visitors to your office.
  • From getting key messaging out to the right departments to engaging your visitors with both engaging information and impressing them with your brand story, digital signage is the perfect medium to strengthen your communications.
  • Convey your brand values and history to a new visitor by broadcasting engaging, dynamic content that talks to the audience in a powerful way.

Why are companies choosing TOPAZ?

We can offer you a solution for ALL areas of your office!

  • Wall Mounted displays
  • Freestanding displays
  • Broadcast & Interactive displays

Plus with our ground breaking All Inclusive Approach you never have to worry about another cost for your digital investment.

  • NO RECURRING FEES – what you pay on day one is your only cost.

Our unique hardware approach providing everything you need built into one display, no messy cables or trying to hide components in the ceiling!

  • Everything built into one display – Just add power!
  • Commercial grade LED display.
  • Built in Networked media player.
  • Built in Wi-Fi.
  • Range of sizes 19” – 55” Freestanding.
  • Inclusive cloud based software [with no recurring costs!].
  • Ability to control, update & manage all displays centrally.

We would love to show you how a TOPAZ Digital solution can benefit your business, click to find your nearest reseller.